In 2015, I obtained my PhD at Maastricht University and I continued in academia as a postdoctoral researcher at the Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute (NIDI). In my research, I studied the consequences of international migration for migrants’ life courses. I also studied the role of welfare systems in origin and destination countries for migration patterns within and towards Europe. The relationship between parents and children, between partners, and family reunification have been central topics in my research. Throughout my research, emphasis lies on the need for an origin and destination perspective in order to fully understand the functioning of migrants’ lives across borders. I’ve also worked and taught extensively on issues relating to migration and development.

I’ve worked extensively with both qualitative research methods as well as advanced statistical techniques, allowing my to analyse sociological questions about integration and migration.

In addition to presenting and publishing scientific articles, I also enthusiastically worked on initiating and coordinating alternative ways of sharing research findings. Amongst others, I’ve actively worked with artists and students to translate scientific findings into creative and artistic materials.


Families of Migrant Origin, a Life Course Perspective (FaMiLife) | www.familifeproject.com
MobileWelfare | www.mobilewelfare.org

MAFE | www.mafeproject.site.ined.fr/en/

Commissioned work:

World Bank, Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO)

Editorial board:

Versvak.nl | Dutch online platform for (early career) academics to publish and translate their scientific findings for a wider audience

Reviewer for various international academic journals:

Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies | International Migration Review | Population, Space and Place | Demographic Research | European Journal of Population

Professional membership:

International Union for the Scientific Study of Population (IUSSP)
Dutch Association for Migration Research (DAMR)
Nederlandse Vereniging voor Demografie (NVD)
International Network fo Transnational Families (INTF)
National Research school CERES